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Those of you who follow my blog regularly will know that Erin is a huge fan of collectible toys. There is something incredibly appealing to Erin about ripping open packaging, ticking items off a list, and aiming to collect all the items in a set. Now a 5 year old girl, she is also a huge fan of jewellery – beads, bangles, bling and anything that sparkles. When I realised that Twisty Petz , the new collectible range from Spinmaster would enable her to combine her love of both, I was pretty confident they would be a huge hit! They didn’t disappoint!

Erin was very excited about Twisty Petz, and as soon as she saw the packaging she couldn’t wait to crack them open and start playing with them. Unlike other collectibles we have reviewed, Twisty Petz single packs reveal which one you have from the outside of the packaging, meaning there is less of a surprise element, In a way I actually found this a positive, reducing the risk of duplicates by allowing you to hunt in the shop for the ones you might be missing. That said the three packs do have two visible and one covered, so for those who prefer the anticipation of a big reveal, the three packs might be the better way to go.

Twisty Petz come in two different sizes – large and small. They are available as single packs (with one Twisty Pet / Bracelet inside), three packs (with two visible from the packet and one surprise).

The mini Twisty Petz which are much smaller, perfect for backpack accessories and come in a pack of 4 with an additional charm. The smaller pets also come with a gem shaped jewellery box where you can safely stash away the Twisty Petz minis, and there are 24 of these smaller size pets to collect.

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